Skyelark - A Beautiful 51-foot Yacht for Charter

Skyelark is an established charter yacht, set up for seeing the world in comfort and security. Owner operated and professionally maintained, we specialise in taking individuals, couples and small groups to places usually only available on your own yacht - but without the hassle! For your peace of mind, Skyelark is fully coded to Category 0, licensed to charter anywhere in the world.

Before heading across on the ARC transatlantic race in November 2016, we are offering two 10 day milebuilding passages in October, from UK to Cascais then Cascais onto Las Palmas. These are a great opportunity to gain miles and experience without taking the time to cross an ocean. After the ARC (Skyelark's 8th!), we are heading round the world again with the World ARC starting January 2017 - a fantastic, once in a lifetime adventure! We plan to then return to our Caribbean sailing holidays in 2018.

Owned and operated by Dan & Em, Skyelark is one of the most well known and respected adventure/expedition charter yachts out there - our reputation for a professional operation, in a relaxed fun and friendly environment is well deserved, and it's no surprise our guests return again and again.

Latest news:

Our itinerary includes:

  • The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) - a hugely popular event where over 200 yachts race across the Atlantic from the Canaries to the Caribbean.
  • Caribbean individual or whole-boat charters for cruising, including the Grenadines, Leeward Islands, and the BVIs.
  • Caribbean individual or whole boat charters for racing events, including the Heineken Regatta, Antigua Sailing Week and BVI Spring Regatta.
  • Deliveries and mile-building passages, including from the UK to Las Palmas in October.
  • Transatlantic sailing from the Caribbean to the UK in May 2016.
  • A full UK summer season, including cruising, racing, corporate entertainment and team-building events.

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Tick the ultimate box and circumnavigate with us! 15 months of sailing and the most amazing sight-seeing!

UK to Cascais, Portugal
Dates:30th Sept-10th Oct 2016

Cascais, Portugal to Las Palmas
Dates:14th-24th October 2016

ARC 2016:
Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia
Dates:20th Nov-12th Dec 2016

World ARC 2017:
Leg 1: Saint Lucia to Panama City
Dates:5th Jan-3rd Feb 2017
Leg 2: Panama City to Galapagos
Dates:5th-25th February 2017
Leg 3: Galapagos to Marquesas
Dates:27th Feb-23rd Mar 2017
Leg 4: Marquesas to Tahiti
Dates:27th Mar-22nd Apr 2017
Leg 5: Tahiti to Tonga
Dates:29th Apr-4th June 2017
Leg 6: Tonga to Fiji
Dates:8th June-2nd July 2017
Leg 7: Fiji to Airlie Beach
Dates:6th July-5th Aug 2017
Leg 8: Airlie Beach to Lombok
Dates:11th Aug-12th Sep 2017
Leg 9: Lombok to Mauritius
Dates:15th Sep-17th Oct 2017
Leg 10: Mauritius to Cape Town
Dates:24th Oct-24th Nov 2017
Leg 11: Cape Town to Salvador
Dates:4th Jan-3rd Feb 2018
Leg 12: Salvador to Grenada
Dates:11th Feb-14th Mar 2018
Leg 13: Grenada to Saint Lucia
Dates:25th Mar-8th Apr 2018